A Composition of Calm


Agitato wind

composes bitter notes upon the day

fresh grey bites skipping across the water

gnashing on the air

I touch his cold cheek

lean into his slowing heart

 fermata eye closes

and his second thought



a gentle silver whisper in my ear

tips his hat

and blows on by

leaving rain crystals calling my name softly

 as they fall

upon my face


for dverse poets Meeting the bar: synesthesia


15 thoughts on “A Composition of Calm

  1. my goodness his thoughts are big words….ha…smiles…i do like me a silver whisper though…a nice tender embrace for a second there…the crystal rain calling your name is cool too…

  2. Oh, this is beautiful, Diane. So many wonderful examples of synesthesia. I really like ‘ran crystals calling my name softly’ and ‘fermata eye closes.’

  3. “rain crystals calling my name softly
    as they fall
    upon my face”
    The whole poem is beautiful, but I love these lines most of all 🙂

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