June Cumquats


Photo by bluebellina


A Mulligan of emotions

is pooling at my feet

a wellie wading feast

of guck

to splosh through

around the cumquat tree

in the drizzly cold

funny that a cumquat

makes me think of… come what

May but it has moved into June

it’s colder now

layers climb aboard for a ride

it’s still no warmer

most of the time it’s suffocation

and I’m scared of sinking deeper

she said “writers should have an ice heart”

and I realise that may well be

the problem

but mud is mud

cold is cold

and cumquats are orange

ripening as I wait

for something delicious to fall

to the ground


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16 thoughts on “June Cumquats

    • Well I will say I wouldn’t have known until I saw the photo ha ha! But I believe they might be like mandarins…which is what I originally thought the tree was…but I just like to say cumquat!! 😉

  1. if only we could not feel…but then again we probably could not write…it is a blessing when what falls is delicious…and not bitter…or squishy…smiles…some nice allit in this too di…

  2. Love the idea of a ‘mulligan of emotions.’ And, oh, you make those cumquats sound desirable. Seriously, I don’t think I have ever tasted one; but your poem makes me want to seek one out!

  3. Growing up, I had a neighbor with a cumquat tree (though we always spelled it with a k!)–we ate them by the thousands. Or threw them at each other. Anyway, great job here–waiting for something delicious describes what we do very well!

  4. Never knew about the cumquat tree ~ Spring has been a bit colder here so I can understand about waiting for those fruits to ripen and fall ~ have a lovely day 🙂

  5. i love where the cumquats took you…sometimes it’s the things along the way that make us think much deeper down to the hidden corners of the soul..

  6. Not only does your piece make me smile at the idea of sploshing into the garden, but I now realize you know all to well the storm I described in my piece! I love the winter gardening image you paint–I think I could feel the cooling days through your words even if I hadn’t been in your “neighborhood” just a few months ago. Thanks for sharing!

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