Finding Night of the Living Dead

This is for Kellie Elmore’s #FWF prompt… and I started this with no idea where it was going, anyway written as is, no editing so it’s a little corny but still a journey of sorts!


 Finding Night of the Living Dead


Static snow and coat hangers is what I remember about black and white televisions, that and my father up on the roof twirling around the antenna.

“Gotta a picture yet?” he’d call.

“nah not yet…oh hang on…yes, yes…don’t move…perfect.”

Shzzzzzzzzz…. “Ah it’s gone what did you do?”

“All I did was let go.”

“Well don’t…we’ll tell ya what happens and winch up a cuppa from time to time.”

I stepped back from the shop window, nope no one on the roof but there it was, a perfect black and white picture. Day of the Triffids was on, one of my favourites. Though if I remember correctly that was in colour. Anyway more to the point, what is it about apocalyptic movies and hospital. Someone goes into hospital, zapped out, wakes up and everyone is gone, dead or has transformed into man eating zombies. Except Shawn of the Dead, they just got drunk and couldn’t tell the difference, everyone just looked the same but for the most part it’s the waking up in a hospital.

Still there was a nostalgic feeling watching an old Pye fuzzing a picture through the shop window and just as I thought I’d go home and watch some old horror movies she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me down the street.

“What the…” try as I might I couldn’t pull myself free.

“Shhh, you’re the one,” she said in a harsh whisper. She pulled me round the corner into a dark alley.

“Look, I dunno what…”

“Just be quiet,” she said in between puffs. “Quick we’ll hide behind this bin.”

I followed her behind the bin, I had no choice she still had a firm grip on my hand. Suddenly I heard a commotion in the streets, thumping feet and groans, a lot of thumping feet and groans. I tried to take a peek but this woman pulled me down. “Don’t risk it,” she hissed. “We need you.”



Well, what could I do, so I obliged but my patience would only go so far.  Soon the groans and thumping moved on, and when she was sure they were gone, only then did she relax, though she still didn’t let go of me. I had had enough.

“Look I don’t know what’s going on and if you’re in some sort of trouble I am sorry but I just…”

“Just shut up! They told me you’d be stubborn.”


“Look, I’ll explain everything but first I have to take you to Norpheous.”

“Nor…ah heck, I mean if you’re gonna sit me in a room and make me choose between two different pills, forget it. I’ve seen that one and you know what…I don’t know karate, don’t want to know karate and sure as hell don’t want to be flying through the air but if you can get me one of those coats I’d be ever so…”

“Shut up…the world’s comin to an end and you want a coat…geez I knew he was full of …. I just hope he knows what he’s talkin about…you the one what a joke.”

“Well that’s what I’m trying to tell you…my name ain’t Neo, I’m female and yeah if you wanna know its Helen. You know… Helen Back!”

“Is that a joke!”

“you got it sister! Now just let go and watch an old movie…ah don’t tell me…you’re names Trinity?”

“Crikey, you are the one. He said you’d ask that. No my name isn’t Trinity but Infinity.”

“Ha ha… you, my dear are delusional and you don’t know your movies.” This girl was crazy.

“but you do and that’s why you’re the one.”

“Hey, there’s plenty of movie buffs out there…what makes me so special?” I asked trying to pull away but she tightened her grip.

“We need your memories.”


“You see we’re stuck in an black and white zombie movie… we relive Night of the Living Dead over and over since 1975…so far we’ve survived but…well we need you, we got a glimpse of you as you walked by. Norpheous said…that’s her, that’s the one who can help. Do you remember?”

“Yes,” I said tentatively, I remembered walking by and there was some old zombie movie on but I had been in a hurry that evening. “I do remember walking by, I was annoyed I wanted to stop but well, I was going out for a drink with the girls and I was already late. But I don’t remember seeing you.”

“Yes, that’s it. Norpheous said you’d be back, he could tell. He said you were like us, totally obsessed about old horror movies.”

“I still don’t know…you say you’re stuck in a movie…forgive me but that’s a tad…well it’s bloody crazy is what it is… and if so why are you talking to me now.”

“Ha ha, well you see there were no pills involved… I pulled you in.”

“Into what?”

“The movie, take a look around, you haven’t noticed have you?”

I stopped looked around, everything was in black and white. “You mean I’m in the Night of the Living Dead?”

“You got it Helen.”

“Well how do I get out?”

“you come with me…we have to hurry before the zombies get Norpheous…it’s a very hazy place, we get moments of clear and this is one but soon we’ll be at their mercy.”

“I still don’t understand, how can I help?”

“Well…Helen the picture has gone snowy, we can’t see a thing…we need you to move the antenna, so we can survive…”

“You what?”

“Don’t worry…the last one had to move around with a coat hanger…that didn’t work out so well… it was a shame.”

“A shame?”

“Yeah, the zombies…well they got him but hey don’t worry, as I told you… now we have an antenna, I don’t think zombies can climb on the roof and I promise we’ll winch you up a cup of tea.”

Well what could I do, she still had hold of my hand.


12 thoughts on “Finding Night of the Living Dead

  1. hahaha…i love it…smiles….we’ll winch you up a cup of tea. ha. yep i remember the day of the antenna and hoping the signal was strong enough….to get the third channel….

  2. Dianne, you tell a fantastic story! 🙂 I am all smiles thinking back on my grandpa’s old television set with the rabbit ear antenna. How frustrating it was to try and get a clear image on screen and when you do… then back away….FUZZ! lol!

    Thanks for writing for me. xoxoxxo

  3. Yes, and knowing that the last one died is always an incentive for the new one to help. I really liked this. Would like to know if they make it out alive. I also remember the rabbit ears and antenna’s. That beginning sounds so familiar. LOL

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