She was cleaning the house

Some standard was missed

Sweeping floors with her jewels dangling off her fingers

Like glorious chandeliers of accomplishment

Pulling the broom around the bricks

With boards stretched across them

On which the television rested its dramas

and rock songs screamed rebellion


I sat and watched her work…

Hell, she was in full flight

Had the…this is how it’s really done cloth in her hand

Polishing the plastic

Dusting off the words left for another time

Stories filing themselves between the floorboards

As she swept

It wasn’t all that bad really

Still why complain…

Her daughter sat waiting, equally perplexed

“Hey mum, why don’t you ever do this at our house?”she asked


Rings on fingers dulled a little

And while she picked up her lip from the dusty pile

I slipped snippets into the rolled up yarns for tomorrow

Put on the kettle

Rinsed the cups twice…just to be sure

And kept the smile to myself


For dverse open link Happy 100 to all dverse poets ! Hip hooray!!!


17 thoughts on “Housework

  1. ha. kinda fun to see someone humbled a bit…esp when they are wearing that ‘this is how its done’ look…hehe…as long as you are not her…smiles. good job double rinsing your cups too…make sure its not you…ah…and thank you…always.

  2. This friend of yours is welcome at my house any time. I don’t care if she thinks I’m hopeless and in the ascendancy scheme of things,my superior…, as long as she cleans my house. I will serve her tea in a fine china cup as part of the deal:)

  3. I like the idea of stories filing themselves between the floorboards! You have really captured an interesting slice of life here with a fascinating character. (Send her on over!! Smiles.)

  4. Oh fascinating read. the extra mile for money, perhaps, and at home come on built to be laid back, of course! and well, good to see the cups being rinsed twice, anyway and smile away! yep! cool! 🙂 you get lot of stories here watching!

  5. How nice that she is dusting and cleaning the house ~ I hope to see my daughter doing this one day, ha ~

    I enjoyed the housework poem, I think its fun to write about everyday stuff ~ Having a full family will definitely make household challenging and there are standards to be missed as well ~

  6. ‘… glorious chandeliers of accomplishment’ and ‘… while she picked up her lip from the dusty pile’ – great lines, Di. I also very much like the way the ring dulls … the internal rhymes are strong and it has a strong rhythm ~ nice

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