Soup of the Day


I enter the supermarket with soup

and ciabatta bread on my mind

my nose feels like an icy pop

red from wind chill

all I can think is warm veggie soup… mmmm

 with a whole community of vegetables

just thrown together

to boil

I round the aisle my head in a whirl

of imagined smells

soup in the kitchen and my feet tucked in warm slippers..

.yes warm slippers

and soup…

I almost ran into him…and his wife

“Oh sorry…”

“Nah’s right love,” his smile is warm and I taste

in that moment…something warm, sweet in the air

, as he piles stuff in the trolley

 I smile at his wife

she clings to the side like a lost puppy

her eyes glisten but she’s gone

she stares through me

and then I get it… as he moves away

what it was that was simmering

a pinch of a tear drops

it was devotion

served to me

on a spoon brought to my lips

all at once I love him

so I dip my spoon in

swirl it around

and wait to taste another moment

just as good

just as warm


For dversepoets Poetics: beauty is everywhere


7 thoughts on “Soup of the Day

  1. I love this type of intimate honest reveal of your feelings in a moment…thought jottings I call them..Sometimes the best things happen in supermarkets:)I am also a big fluffy animal slippered person.
    Enjoyed your poem very much

  2. oh wow…so this sounds like she had alzheimer or something when you write she’s gone and yet for him she’s fully there..that’s how i understand it…a moving and beautiful story

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