Poet Unknown


An ostrich feather glides across the sky

a dust of Clouds

slivers of fine strands

fluttering on the breath of God

an ethereal quill

scribbling poetry

on the blue expanse above me

words danced and stretched

on a natural tablet

long linear strokes



snippets behind

stuttered codes of the unknown

dispersed into the world

then taken by the wind



for dverse open link


16 thoughts on “Poet Unknown

  1. smiles…i find comfort in there being a great writer out there writing poetry daily…and us getting to a part of it….kinda funny they would use a quill from a flightless bird too…but that make sense…smiles.

  2. I’ll never look at clouds in the same way again 🙂
    Now i shall have to try and ‘read’ them to see if there is a message inside.

  3. Di, this is so lovely. You’ve shared a perfect visual delight with us. No ostriches here but when I was a little girl my grandfather used to take me to see them at an Ostrich farm (in So. California). You brought back a happy memory.

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