My Blanket

For Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday… for some reason this is what I thought of… 🙂


Here I am longing for a blanket. In a small empty room it waits. Soft, cuddly and warm. I want it to wrap around me and keep me safe. It’s always been there waiting for me. I’ve known it for years. I think of it often, what it means, for it to be waiting on the cold floorboards, wondering at its purpose.

It never changes. As new as it ever was. Dust doesn’t cling and moths leave it be. Like me. I want it, need it and yet I ignore its being. The thing is I don’t know how to reach it. The map has never been defined. It came to me in a daydream. I journeyed far to find it and there, contained in a sunbeam that small room with its precious prize inside. Even then I didn’t stay. I saw it and turned away. I woke to the day that was, and the words that encircled me.

There’s a comfort knowing it exists somewhere beyond this world. It will always be my blanket. No one can take it from me. For now, even though at times the pull is strong I have other places to be. Journeys sneak up on you sometimes, before you even realise you’re taking one. That’s how it is for now, and at times I know how that blanket feels, to be left wondering. It’s not easy.

Still at least I know it’s there. I can be free, take off to where the limits of my strength will allow. Not everyone has that same security and I’m lucky. So many are still searching for their own warm, cuddly blanket.




5 thoughts on “My Blanket

  1. smiles…i like how you use the blanket in this…it does give a sense of security like when we were kids to know it is there…there is a good bit of seeing life through the eyes of that child in this…riding that sunbeam…smiles…the journeys sneaking up on you…there is an honesty between these lines that is enticing…

    good to see something new by you too…smiles. welcome back.

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