Those That Get Away and Those Who Don’t

Alone, wrapped up against winter

he sits at the end of the pier

dangling his line

in the far reaching waters

awaiting response


a shearwater petrel

flapping dusty brown wings

snavels a bream

from the wind chopped waters

in front of him


he’s left wondering

at his tools

such a feeble lure

on the end of the line


the bird flees

a flickering silver prize

trapped in his beak

one who swam too close to the surface

enticed by the sun



snapped in the hooked beak

struggling to breath

in unfamiliar surroundings

a raspy call of death



as the captor

warns gleeful gulls

flocking on the beach

for a piece of the action


the unnoticed pelican

swoops in from nowhere

a looming shadow

snatches the snack

and gulps it down



leaving the mournful


and silenced gulls

to wonder

with the fisherman

who winds in a smile

and casts out hope



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16 thoughts on “Those That Get Away and Those Who Don’t

  1. ha. big mouth pelican…he’s got the biggest scoop…that is not fair…smiles….i do enjoy sinking a line though…and catching anything is like icing on the cake…the best part is the peace of being in nature and watching sights like this…smiles.

  2. Who can argue with the ways of nature. The pelican acquires the reward…deserved or not. In any case, poor fish, no matter who is the winner of the prize.

  3. Those pelicans are such thieves !! could use a little taste of winter right about now, it’s so hot !!!! A bay day fishing is still better than a good day at work!!

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