Wriggly Worms Lament


My new Veggie Patch


Worms flip, wriggle, wrought in whirling shapes

with each turning over of the soil, they coil

slithery slips of slimy film, they see nothing

but feel cold alienation, separated from their purpose

laying on the surface…desperation and palpitation

digging down for their own salvation

beneath newly sown snow peas, eggplant shoots

my big boots, young veggie delicacies of many differing varieties

disappearing, from birds leering, wearing a no work smirk

watching me toil, turning the soil, awaiting the spoils

butcher bird & magpies surround, the amount absurd

 for a smorgasbord found, oh small wriggly worm what have I done,

leaving you displaced unsure in the sun



For dverse form for all where Tony has given us a fun challenge. Not sure if I’ve got it exactly right but it was fun trying. Inspired by my second attempt at creating a veggie patch.



10 thoughts on “Wriggly Worms Lament

  1. ha…the allit does well to accentuate the action of a wiggly worm, slipping on you know…smiles…ouch though, sounds like you should have named them lunch…smiles…ha, well told tale di

  2. haha…oh that is charmingly told… and the allit is great…starts with the title…smiles…all the best with your new veggie patch..and oy…the worms…feeling sorry for them..

  3. Earlier this year I was digging a new flowerbed in our front garden. I did my best to rescue as many earthworms as possible from becoming bird-food.

    You taken alliteration and added internal rhyme, which really add to the musicality of this piece, Di.

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