Finding Summer



The winter sun lured me to the markets

my times all mixed up

aromas of herb gardens swirled

new ideas in my head

so I missed saying goodbye

to my daughter

she’s flying away from the winter chill

to the heat of Mexico and America

and yet the sun here refuses to hide

despite the season

smiling warmth on the children splashing in the shallows

on the esplanade

laughing a bit of summer into winter

colourful bromeliads hitch a ride home

their alien blossoms in bloom

I take their cheer on board

empathise with the dill and think thyme

will allay the chill of worry on the breeze

 as my daughter flies into heatwaves

I watch an unknown insect dig

flicking grains of sand over the weeds

creating his own world

right where I want to create mine

to hell with it I’ll move

it’s all little bits…life

hot, cold and a combination of both

so I’ll worry, kick myself for not saying goodbye

plant my herbs, plan a summer crop

and by then

she will be home


For dverse poetics


9 thoughts on “Finding Summer

  1. oh i can relate to daughters flying away….my little one will fly to costa rica soon and leaves us here in the german winter.. and it’s good that with modern communication we can stay connected even if you didn’t manage to say good can be a beast at times… a reflective and moving write di

    • Thanks Claudia… yes I’ve been told to charge my mobile phone… and she’s started a tumblr page for me as I’m not on Facebook so I’ll be updated. Just hate missing saying goodbye.

  2. You got the mood and feel of the situation beautifully, Diane. I could feel the anxiety, and the want to push it away and not worry. Staying busy, trying not to think about it, but truthfully, that all you can think about.
    A wonderful write!

  3. very moving write, Di – beautiful imagery, loved the ‘alien blossoms in bloom’… hope time will be your friend and go by fast until she gets back…

  4. I like your thought process… I’d want to say to hell with it and move, too. Everything will be okay w/ today’s technology.

  5. a little somthing to pass the time till she returns…already dreaming of when that is…smiles…i like the little bug building his home right here…it’s not easy seeing our kids off…them moving further out of our ability to control the circumstances that surround them…as if we really can…smiles.

  6. So many contrasting images here.. and a reminder of the winter you have down there. Love the herbs..and how ot mingle with thoughts of your daugher… For you I hope summer come quickly ( a pity that we will have winter then)

  7. Very cool that your daughter is flying into summer. In Mexico and America she will surely find it. I can feel the ‘missing’ when you say you will plant your herbs, plan a summer crop, and by then she will be home. May your daughter enjoy, and may the time pass quickly for you.

  8. The sun can certainly prove to be a distraction. Nice write, and your daughter will enjoy her getaway. Today’s technology makes it easy to stay in touch with our loved ones. -Mike

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