On Toads… Sorry No Sparkle Here

I watch birds fly in symphonies

while I walk

diving on the breath of your words

I imagine those philosophical frogs dancing

in triangles on water and I, myself, have seen the kingfishers

jet stream, lingering above the waters surface

so perfectly expressed

but toads… toads…

a welcome jewel? I think not


different kinds

different climes

no welcome here for the environmental crimes

of toads


clumsy clumps of ugly bulge

not only do they not shimmer

their plagued shudder ripples

across backyard golfing greens

oh there is no gentle heart

to let them glisten beneath the moon

a five wood sends them hurtling toward their doom

this night of moonlight


but I’ll watch geniuses fly

in note formations upon the sky

revere such gentle words

that ultimately


upon my sigh


Recently someone suggest I check out the poetry of Norman MacCaig, so I did and have very much enjoyed his beauty, simplicity and gentle way.  Anyway I was  surprised to I find some of his poems in an anthology at our local library.  Toad was included in this anthology. He had such a loving way with his found toad and as much as I loved this poem all I could think about was the ugly cane toads we have here, that are far from jewels. In fact they’re terrible pests that kill off native wildlife, our lovely green tree frogs and pets with their poison. So anyway that’s how this poem came about.  Oh and I do not go around using cane toads as golf balls… it’s a Queensland past time that I can’t bring myself to be part of even if they are evil little pests. 🙂

For dverse poets open link night

Happy anniversary 🙂


17 thoughts on “On Toads… Sorry No Sparkle Here

  1. I just can’t imagine using even a pesty cane toad as a golf ball. I am glad you don’t indulge. I hope there is some way of getting them under control.

    • They’re working on it… the humane way to get rid of them is to catch them and put them in the freezer…only I can’t see me ever doing that!! Nah for now we’re stuck with them I guess. 🙂

  2. ha. serendipity…we just had a huge toad on the porch and i brought the boys out of their beds to see it….rough bulgy back…soft underside…a five iron eh? hmmm…ha….your detest comes through loudly…lol…i will have to look up this poet too…

  3. smiles…at least toads a very good in fairy tales…what would they be without them…even though they don’t glisten n the moonlight…smiles

  4. The toads we have here are cute and nice.. we find them in the garden sometimes. and in the spring we are out helping them to cross the roads… Have only heard about the cane toads… but here they are almost an endangered specie 🙂

    • Thanks Bjorn… I wish these were cute and nice… it’s a shame really it’s just there is no natural predator for them because they are an introduced species. So of course they are out of control.

  5. You Aussies do like your sports, don’t you? Cane toad golf, kangaroo flipping, not reading poetry (someone said that was a national past-time in Australia, and he was Australian so it must be true) … what’s next we wonder, anticipating both revulsion and fascination … smiles.

    • Yeah it’s gotta be turned into some kind of sport that you can bet on before it gets noticed in Oz that’s for sure…wonder how you could turn poetry into a sport…ha ha!!! Got to say haven’t heard of kangaroo flipping…no doubt it exists, though it’d be a brave soul who took on a big red. 🙂

  6. When I first moved into my house, toads gathered on my driveway under the lights and stayed even when the lights were off. I was afraid to leave, afraid to squish one or more of those ugly lumps.

    I’m laughing at Charles’ comment above. I very much enjoyed your poem.

    • I know how you feel Beth, I’m terrified going out into the yard on summer nights for exactly the same reason. I think it would do terrible things to the psyche… shudder!! 🙂

  7. A wonderful yet ‘real’ poem ~ can’t say I have strong feelings about toads, but I don’t like the sound of the evil little critters around your way.

    So glad you reassured that you don’t do the nine iron thing (!)

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