Tidal Pulls

Flotsam in Rock Pool

Photo by Me (Flotsam in Rock Pool)

Mangroves lean down into the creek, leaving

their fingerprints trailing along currents,

a leaf drops from an overhanging branch,

a gentle ripple reverberates through

glass, leaving no sigh, just acceptance this

is his journey, top of the tide twisting,

suspense holds him spiralling, a fragile

skeleton waiting to seed his bones on

distant shorelines, gone forever from his roots

hailing the sky above, for a promise

not to languish on the whims of the tides

or to vanish on liquid horizons lost,

so far from the moist soils that hold his heart,

he asks mercy, for his decaying self.


For dverse poets Mix and Match  

For this prompt I used the prompt the medium is the message 

and Basic Sonnet forms

As usual I’m not sure about whether I’ve completely pulled it off. First of all I realise that my attempted sonnet doesn’t rhyme but there is such a form as unrhymed sonnets so I found out, so I do hope I fit the bill. I tried to stick to a structure so I hope I’ve succeeded feel free to let me know if I’m wrong I struggle with these so any help is welcomed. It may have even suited the last Bang Bang Bang crash prompt. I do hope I’ve succeeded with the message too. Anyway I’ve had a challenging morning with this one in between household duties. (Yeah right!) 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tidal Pulls

  1. I don’t know whether you’ve followed the form or not, but I do know this is a great poem. I can visualize the leaf’s journey and feel the layers of metaphoric journeying.

  2. heck – love how you give the leaf personality — the letting go — a journey far from what held it the whole life – the fear and also the different perspective – the new possibilities..cool

  3. very nice di….evocative…you tell a wonderful story in this of the leave cast off…the end for me…the moist earth holding his heart…the skeletal remains…very very cool….nice work on the form too…

  4. Wonderful–I particularly liked this phrase:
    a fragile
    skeleton waiting to seed his bones on
    distant shorelines

    All of us, including the leaves, could use a little mercy on this journey.

  5. This was wonderful…I really like the way you took us along on a journey with the leaf…and the ending when it asks for mercy, something every living thing wants, I think.

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