Unlucky for Some


Maths was never my best subject

It’s the numbers you see

They seem to elude me…never quite added up

With their acCountAbility

So much depends on numbers

That all important accumulation of digits


Or  likes

We’ve become tiny gurus gathering followers

One by one


1000 friends on face book makes one feel special and liked

Or is it just 1 really good one

Minus one twitter follower and anxiety ensues

As does getting to the top…that no 1 spot on the ladder

Or a slump in polls

…so exit a Prime Minister…


We’re forever adding points

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years… and so the list goes on

Calculating the numbers

Balancing the budget

Miles per gallon

Bytes per second


So in the end all we see is the numbers…

On boats

In detention





In queues

for unemployment

for employment

for a meal


it’s  a journey of calculation

 forever looking out

for number one


For dverse prompt What’s You Number


18 thoughts on “Unlucky for Some

  1. You have made some good points here. 1000 friends on Facebook is definitely not a substitute for ONE good friend. And sometimes as we gather followers and numbers one place or another we lose track of humanity, I think, and the people behind the numbers with their flesh and blood where ONE who cares is much more significant than TEN who follow.

  2. forever looking out for number 1…ha…true bit of commentary that….one of the reasons i got off facebook…and a reason i have considered restarting my blog as well…if you got one that really cares, that def makes it worth it…some numbers in this world just dont add up….

  3. Just a little note… as someone (who shall remain nameless) a little gamer in this household has used up all the allocated data allowance…ha ha numbers again… my internet is very slow, and is acting up so if I’m a little slow getting around please forgive me… it’s driving me crazy! 🙂

  4. i like this… and i can relate to it… if things add up too much and for some it’s really just about numbers i tend to back out and start again at 0 – a good place to be – a place of basic and humbleness maybe – i dunno – but it def. spoke to me – i don’t even get email notifications any more when i have a new follower on my blog or twitter or whatever cause i’m just not much into numbers..

  5. Painting by numbers turned into living by them. Groups of them become a dialect or jargon, enough for recognition to those in the know. Scary.

  6. Enjoyed your poem. Numbers and statistics can never be a true equation:)
    I never joined facebook or twitter. It’s a pity we have forgotten we are all part of the whole not number one.

  7. ….aww… it’s pretty hard to find something that doesn’t involve figures… & that alone i am thankful how we accountants are always in demand… hihi… forever looking for number one & hopefully the true & only one… smiles… loved this…

  8. i’m not good with numbers, that’s why i write. heh. but you are absolutely right – numbers surround us wherever we turn – we even limit ourselves and count time… a stupid approach really. i guess it’s habit – because i am sure, we would not really need them for survival.
    great one, Di.

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