Checking it Off: Morning Ritual



Have I got my keys

My keys…my keys


The back door locked… just check

Won’t budge… yes locked

Damn …did I shut the bird cage…last week I forgot… he took flight

I wish…but Yes mum…its shut

The stove …yep off

Computer off…

Is that Xbox thingy off…yes mum

Dogs have water…yes

Okay…the cat…the cat is she inside

I don’t want to accidently run over her on the driveway (I’ll check under the car anyway)

Check her hidey holes… yep asleep in the art room


Got your bag…lunch…homework


My keys…you’ve got em mum!

Is that everything…


Right we’re off…

Lock the front door

Keep an eye on the temp gauge

Is it rising…

Oh it’s rising all right!!

Don’t be smart…don’t want to overheat like yesterday

You already are…


I did turn that stove off didn’t I…



For dverse poets Meeting the Bar list poetry


16 thoughts on “Checking it Off: Morning Ritual

  1. hahahahaha….another one that reminds me of my wife…lol…
    oy…computer unplugged…cat out…
    running the details…
    i get wore out before we start driving…lol…
    all too real…smiles.

  2. This reminds me of an article I once read on Obsessive-Compulsive disorder. Only in that situation they check each of those things a dozen times or so. How exhausting. But if you don’t check the important ones, chances are you’ll have to come back for something. I liked the interlude with the Yeeeeessss, etc.

  3. I suspect many of us are guilty of going down the ritual of that list daily !! and how much time we spend mentally checking & double-checking it off !! Plus we all have keys to our own private king & queendoms !! Maybe someday we can all look forward to being key free !!! Great take on the prompt !!

  4. Oh yes, I can relate to THIS list bigtime. Finding the keys is the first thing. then sunglasses. LOL. Then, I won’t confess how many times I have gone back after I have left home to make SURE I turned off the coffee pot (even though it will turn off itself after a period of time) or to make SURE I locked the front door after letting the dogs out.

      • Ha, thank god there are only a few things I need to check!!! Makes it tolerable. I must say I chuckled (in identification) more over your poem than any I read tonight. And truly my coffee maker is ALWAYS off, and my front door is ALWAYS locked…..but one day it might not be!

  5. oh… that is great.. how much we all fret over the tedious tasks while leaving home.. both my mum and sister are like this.. you reminded me of them. 🙂

  6. Perfectly normal and to be applauded…if everyone was this conscientious there would be fewer fatalities and accidents in every sphere of life which is now classified as human error and is really human carelessness…from surgeon’s excising wrong limbs to airplane crashes.

  7. hahah – this exhaust me by just reading it…smiles… all the things you have to think about before leaving the house.. and then half-way to work you realize you forgot something anyway.. at least that happens to me sometimes…smiles

  8. Let’s see, cat unplugged, put the computer out. Feed the oven. It’s hard to remember everything just right. It has something to do with uh… Great poem. Thanks,

  9. What a great/creative use for the list poem– In my world, I can imagine “turn the stove off…check it again…make sure that I didn’t accidentally turn it on when I checked to see that it was off…check the stove once more…”– happy weekending, Jason

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