River Words


The river whispers

a slight hiss of motion


oppressed beneath pressing tyres


passing foot falls on the path

and heavy breathing exhaling calories

into the air

its poetry weaves

while pedometers count steps

to Ipod beats

soon when the rain falls

and the path


the river’s voice rises

a gurgling torrent

rushes over serenity


a one way argument

that will be over

when the river says so…

its whisper

creeps into the streets

slipping its message

underneath doors


for dverse poets water water everywhere


11 thoughts on “River Words

  1. nice… i love to bike or run along a river – gives the exercise extra movement and beauty…and oh the story a river could tell… and oh when it creeps into streets and slipping its messages under doors…but you work in a beautiful connection into the flooding… so much peaceful serenity and on the other hand so much uncontrollable power in the river…

  2. ha. i like the river…you give it a lot of power as well….the argument over when it says it is….and the close, the whisper taking to the streets, creeping under doors…ha…i like…smiles…

  3. You showed that the river has its own mind, does its own thing. It may be appreciated from a distance when it wants to be, but when it decides to slip itself under doors no one can argue.

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