House of Little Horrors


“It looks like the Amityville house,” I said,

stepping down from the moving truck into a

night glazed over in lamplight drizzle falling

on black window eyes


lifeless frames staring down daring us to tame

its malevolence into a family home

“Don’t be silly, it’s just a house,” you said, like

all famous last words


on our second night a guttural growl e-

rupted from its bowels… “sounds like it’s in the house.”

I said, your breath catching the whisper mid flight

“No… it’s in the room!”


Again came the G R O W L reverberating through

 walls and floorboards like a supernatural snarl

silently you crawled to the end of the bed

and leapt through the door


Over childhood monsters under the bed that

never die but lie in wait ready to catch

ankles with gnarled hands suddenly I check for

blood dripping down walls




Or flies buzzing on windows maybe we need

 a crucifix… “there’s no gateway to hell out

 there,” you said, yet we slept with fears of devils

possessing our souls


In the morning when monsters retreat into the

shadows, a walk to the shops uncovered our

beasts sleeping peacefully high in a tree

frisky koalas



For dverse open link I thought I’d try out something different so had a go at Sapphic form, which is four lines of 11,11,11,5  syllables.


8 thoughts on “House of Little Horrors

  1. frisky koalas…hahhahaa…fun piece…ah the world is so much different in the dark…esp in new places….those childhood horrors def come flooding back….nicely done on form, i did not even notice until you said it…IMHO that is a good thing…smiles.

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