Herbs and Spices

he left his garlic and onion
growing in her garden
when he left
his chaotic odour lingered
on the doorstep
drowning her perfume

she cradled foxglove
amid the buzz of bees
echoing in the silent bells
of heartache
while basil thrived
gorging on the din
of her sadness


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18 thoughts on “Herbs and Spices

    • ha ha you don’t need those kinda fellas… I was trying to give it a happier ending but only had one cuppa this morning and my brain couldn’t get the last stanza together… 🙂

  1. Wow, what great visuals! Garlic and onion footsteps really made me ‘see’ his path, his tracks. I like the foxglove in here, too… adds a somber element in that it’s poison and can represent death; it goes along with the silent bells of heartache and the din of her sadness, which was palpable. Excellent writing here.

  2. I feel strangely hungry now ( I love the smell of onion and garlic cooking!). Silent bells of heartache, din of sadness–overwhelming, deafening emotions. Excellent work!

  3. Such a sad, wistful poem… I love the olfactory metaphors, the contrapunctual positioning of the herbal and flowery scents the delineate the masculine and feminine, the way the narrative threads its way through the garden. Well done.

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