Yeah it’s a hell of a thing…

Bein a cowboy

Squintin into that sun from under a brim

Balancing that smoke on yer bottom lip

Hell of a thing all right

Ridin into a hostile town

Folks all starin ya down

Wonderin…well… just wonderin

The jingle thud of each hollow step

on the wooden floor of a saloon

Stoppin that honky tonk mid tune

As ya sweep the doors open

Hell of a thing… wouldn ya say

Getting that look right… the one that says

get me a whisky damn fast, and slide down the bottle…

Or I’ll shoot ya.

Go ahead make… aha

And the spit…ting

You know, I was figurin…i’ve been shot…well must be at least

A thousand times and that ain’t countin the ones that missed

Damn… they even tried to hang me once

Yeah hell of a thing…

Leavin the ol town,

Turning yer back…knowin they ain’t  gonna shoot ya…

Just you yer horse ridin out into the sunset

Hell of a thing… but someone had to do it

May as well have been me

I was just one lucky punk!




It was funny, I was watching Unforgiven a few nights ago, for the umpteenth time… Clint Eastwood was my favourite cowboy…the one I grew up with I’ve watched all of them I don’t know how many times… Anyway a bit late for the prompt but have had a busy weekend.

For dverse  poetics cowboy up



15 thoughts on “YEAH!

  1. Ya, indeed a hell of a thing! Smiles. A cowboy is lucky if he is able to ride out into the sunset alive. (Thanks for your comment on my poem…so cool that you LIVED that when you were young!)

  2. Yeah, you pegged it !! it’s a hell of a thing…
    Hang em High, The Good The Bad and Tuco !!
    Clint was def the king of spaghetti westerns
    and I always loved that spitting thang !!
    You really nailed the scene !! Well played !!
    Now pour me a whiskey fast & leave the bottle !

  3. You nailed it! Love this…only a movie cowboy could survive that many bad stares and bullet wounds. Love the jingle stomp sound too! Thank you so much for joining in with us doing Cowboy Poetry.

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