Amelia’s Letter


Amelia’s Card…sorry about the quality but I really wanted to include it.

Dear Mother

God bless you very much

She wrote

Hand unsteady for what else could she say

Years of distance left words trampled in the dusty miles between them

What did she want to hear? Did she want to hear?

Her daughters voice  written in words

Words of love…really, her heart stumbled

For the unforgiving rupture

Crippling the ink

All those words penned and thrown…did she have a wastebasket of her own

filled with crumpled thoughts of love

or was her pen propped with pride

on her desk, a trophy of resolve…all these years

“all these years,” she whispered into the empty room

dry hot winds blew through her window

outside horses’ hooves galloped off, leaving the dust swirling

and now she was truly alone with her thoughts

Griff is well now, home from hospital and has a job...she wrote

And Joey will be here for the winter holidays…it will be nice to have him home.

Such distances to travel, for work, for school but we are all well…

I often think of you, though we never hear from you… (all these years)

The horses hooves faded into the nothing…he would be gone for the week

And still her pen hovered…it was her birthday soon; this card would reach her in time

if she finished today…all this…today.

One card like the others, a one way conversation

and she felt even more alone… Blue was barking…more horses hooves, getting closer this time

The postman was early

This comes with best wishes for a very happy birthday. Best to all…

Your loving daughter


She finished

and walked through dust filled winds to the gate, handed the card to the postman

waved him goodbye

and waited

as the dust swallowed up

all those years…

When I read the dverse prompt would be about letters this is the one I thought of…today I was making cards and I came across this old postcard. I collect them and I read the letter and the one line in the letter that Amelia wrote …I often think of you though we never hear from you… opened up many questions and I thought it was very sad. It felt voyeuristic reading her letter but it makes me wonder…anyway I’d like to think Amelia’s mother did write back. I’m sure she did.

For dverse Sent with a stamp


14 thoughts on “Amelia’s Letter

  1. great closing line…the dust swallowing up all those years…def a nostalgia to this….the horsed post man….how much it would have raised everyones hopes when he rode into town…so cool the inspiration on this…and what a neat hobby too…so many stories in those cards, i bet….

  2. oh… I could feel the hesitation and sadness of the woman. and the extra touch of the horse gives it a new vibrancy. wonderful writing indeed. nostalgia, love, separation- a blend of all these feelings.

  3. This is such a poignant post. You have really made quite a story from Amelia’s postcard. And yes, we like to believe there was a happy ending….and, of course, there was!!!! So well expressed.

  4. Wow… this is incredible. I can’t imagine sending mail on horseback as they did so long ago. Such a historical piece, Di.

  5. i’m so glad she posted it…for a moment i thought she wouldn’t – great close… really tugging at the heart strings…and i’m sure she did write back…

  6. Reading letters like this, makes me believe in ghosts (sort of) – it is as if in the reading of the words, something of them come back. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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