A Game of Hockey in the Blackhole


The figures?


Hmm…what are fig…?

They’re numbers…right

Now I did see them…just a moment…

Not sure…hang on… I mean I wouldn’t just make this up

Nah…not there

Could be…

Look I just don’t have them in front of me…or behind me for that matter

Oh of course they add up…hang on…aha…nup wasn’t them

You see I can’t seem to put my finger on them…slippery little suckers

these figures….

I mean…they change, disguise themselves, ha… camouflaged even…funny that

Never thought…

Even at school they evaded me

Could never quite get em…well you know to do the right thing…

But honestly

Would I lie…to you

Trust me

You will see them

I promise

Just as soon as I can…well…

find them

Believe me…

they’re around here somewhere



For dverse open link

We’re in election mode here and honestly sometimes I wonder… Sigh!





15 thoughts on “A Game of Hockey in the Blackhole

  1. Ah, this sounds like an election. Facts and figures are always so elusive at those times…..oddly and coincidentally and conveniently enough!! Smiles. This is a universal poem.

  2. Ha..the joke’s on me. Figures + ice yields figure skating for me. I retrogressed to just a few years back when we had school figures (figure eights with turns) on the ice just before the hockey teams took the ice and wiped them out. An hour’s diligent work – a zen process really – of becoming one with the circle you draw with the blades on your feet always felt like the death of art to me. (Had two competitive skaters as children and later became a figure skating judge)…boy I couldn’t have been farther off. Well come to think of it – there are some parallels. Good poem once I got the right gist of the subject.

  3. Di, good luck surviving the election. I dread the campaign season here that seems to begin earlier and earlier each time. The fragmented dialogue of this is about how it leaves you feeling–fragmented. I suspect you would write good fiction, if you don’t already.

  4. Hi Di! Did you know that Tony Abbot was a Rhodes scholar? Thought that might give you a laugh. I think there should be a public enquiry into how that scholarships was awarded.

    The Story of O….

    O where O where have my figures all gone
    O where O where can they be
    They do not exist but I’ll still take the risk
    Cos they’re desperate and will vote for me

    • Yes did know that…David Marr has an interesting essay on the Tony Abbott growing up (not sure if he’s achieved that) at Uni and that Rhodes Scholarship…don’t think he got it on his smarts that’s for sure…thanks for your entertaining poem at least we can get a laugh!!! 🙂

  5. Hi ! My sympathies,–a very amusing poem, loved your turn of phrase and slippery applies to more than figures I fear. Here’s hoping the elections are over soon. Thank you very much for your kind words and visit to my blog:-)

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