Never Invite a Poet to a Tea Party

You can fly, Mary! by Judith Clay


Painting by Judith Clay


Wallpaper dresses are best for lonely wallflowers

growing unseen along on the outskirts of living rooms…


there she climbed like ivy

into her once upon a time world

weaving her magic into the blue patterns

rising on pear balloons she plucked

from orchards of conservative blue decor

and the best matching china tinkled like wind chimes

through dull conversational fractures below

the letters spoken just so, she harvested

sewing them into poetry es…Capes

watching them flutter onto the wings of birds


before long she too floated through the rafters

spreading them into the city night

where they’d end up eventually, anyway

just without

her certain flair



Written for dverse poets Poetics : Judith Clay


17 thoughts on “Never Invite a Poet to a Tea Party

  1. i like the magic in this… how she harvests from a meager ground…the climbing like ivy…the weaving her specific notes into an already defined cover that she just boosts up in a way and makes it something special…ha…this is where you took me…

  2. smiles…of course they would not have her flair….your opening lines grabbed me…the wall paper dresses for wall flowers…ha….nice word play in that….then we climbing like ivy….there is an honest feel to this…

  3. Oh dear…thanks for reminding me about the dull conversational fractures so dull that I found myself floating up through the rafters..wish I knew about the wallpaper dress at the time to escape the drear and camouflage into the wall… Loved this creative and clever take on the artwork. I resolved years ago never to socialise like this again unless it was a prerequisite of a job description with an excellent salary. Naively I had no idea marriage was regarded as a job so I resigned from the position:)

  4. …i loved this… the opening lines are really good & just started the whole scene…. climbed like ivy — ah, another excellent notion & simile…. smiles… enjoyed this…

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