Two Poems


Hundreds of different choruses


excited by balancing beams

of light


A choir both out of

but always






his groans

ache over the nightscape

as the breeze

spins him in arthritic whirls

orang-utan joints creak

a painful song

while thirsty cows




for dverse form for all…The Riddle of the Sphinx and Poetry Jam: Rust


32 thoughts on “Two Poems

      • Oh you are so close…it’s actually an old windmill. It’s up the road from us and late at night I hear it creak and groan along with the cows…I guess the orang-utan might throw people off…I was just looking for a different description of rust! ha ha 🙂

  1. Interesting!
    For the first one, I thought of crickets and then cicadas by different choruses but then beams of light puzzled me and reminded me of fireflies. So, instead of any of these, I will offer my answer as frogs.
    And for the second one, I guess it is about an old tree because you have mentioned ‘moan’ which it would in the air and also, your mentioning orangutans make me feel so.

    • Ah well I guess I can tell…the first one was dawn breaking…I was up this morning and so many birds singing…cars leaving and the sunlight just seemed to beam through the trees…so that’s what I was thinking, the second was a windmill. 🙂

  2. Well, am glad to see your answer is a windmill which I never would have guessed in a million years. I am now perplexed as to why the thirsty cows are groaning. Can someone please give them some food and water? (smiles)

  3. Beautiful and difficult to solve – I did have a farmer in my head for the second. However after reading your explanation and answers – they are so obvious! Excellent – like a good cryptic crossword.
    Anna :o]

  4. I thought of motes, bits of dust dancing in an unexpected beam of sunlight. I know it isn’t, but wish it were [the answer.]
    You threw us a real puzzle. Well done.

  5. I was thinking of sun for the first and well dawn breaking you answered i guess. Second i was no where near a wind mill. i was trying to fit in a spider 🙂

  6. Without looking at the comments.. I’m thinking the first is about BIRDS… I might be the only person that curses them as I am not naturally an early riser!

    The second… hmm. I’m thinking windmill – Where I grew up we actually had a few old ones still standing — and the “Cows” made me think of a rural setting.

  7. Wonderfully done! I guessed ‘frogs’ – singing when the rain stops and the rainbows appear – and ‘owls’ – with their low, mournful tones – but now I see that I am terrible at this game…. Loved your images and composition, though!

  8. Cool, Di. Vivid write, and ‘of course’ once revealed. I got windmills after seeing Bri’s comment but before reading the rest. I stretched it to cover the first verse but see that’s mistaken!

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