Have A Go…



“Have a go ya mug,” is Aussie slang. It’s pretty self explanatory but it has become a theme of my life. I was told by a good friend the other day that she admired me because “I have a go.” I was a bit surprised by the compliment but as her husband accurately pointed out, she too was in the same category.  She is striving to run her own business from home.

As I thought about this great Aussie saying I realised I know many women who are out there having a go. They may not be career executives or professionals but they are following their hearts. Resisting the calls of “get a real job” and pursuing their own dream.

It all comes down to resilience, the determination to keep going no matter what hurdles life decides to throw in front of you. Some of the women I know are jumping such hurdles yet despite these hardships they just keep plodding along toward their goal. Getting on with things the best way they know how and usually on a shoestring.

I feel inspired just being around these women and seeing how they strive to improve themselves and their businesses. None of them have taken on any grand ideals. Success doesn’t always equal big profits or schemes. For me it is the excitement of having a chance to show my art work in an exhibition with my good friend and see where that might lead. We’ve decided to join forces and back ourselves.

I get the same feeling at the markets I attend. Again most of the stallholders are women, all of them backing themselves to have a go and get a win. Even if it is just a small win. There is a real sense of camaraderie. Indeed many of them like myself, have run their own small businesses and for whatever the reason be it a downturn in the economy or other circumstances  have had to let them go, yet they haven’t given up. They are ready to start all over again.

Yes this is all small scale but many a successful business has started over the kitchen table and working the markets. Even so, making huge amounts of money is not at the heart of this…though how nice it would be… it is about striving, following a dream to see where it leads. It’s about having a go and being true to yourself, sometimes you just have to and in the end what have you got to lose.


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