Grave Graffiti


X marks the spot

where his mangrove grave lies

bright yellow

bureaucratic graffiti

spray painted across his shell

defiles his soul


Will his grave

now be

his grave

and his shell remain in tact

to decay with him

or will some uncaring twit

think it cool to balance a steaming cup of coffee

upon the yellow cross

of his heart



I have to believe there is a good reason for the spray painted cross on this sea turtle’s shell courtesy of the council. Maybe they collate the deaths of sea turtles which are unfortunately high in this area, thanks to recreational vehicles on land and sea. Or maybe it’s simply the reason stated above. Either way it was sad to see…such a big fellow… if only we could leave well enough alone.


9 thoughts on “Grave Graffiti

    • It would be nice if we could have more respect for nature…last time I saw him there was no cross on his back but the council is very active in the area. I’d like to think he could rest there in peace but I know they have to check out the reasons for his death. He’s so big, that’s the second one I’ve seen that size in the mangroves…unfortunately I’ve lost count of the smaller turtles. It really is a shame. Anyway I’ve raved on enough! Thanks Brian 🙂

  1. With your words, he is relevant, a lofty relevance I think.
    It is the ‘X’ connected you, inspired your words, your emotion, your thoughts most elegantly constructed.

  2. Di, sadly animals seem to take a second place spot to us humans. I however, don’t agree with this whatsoever, and it makes me furious when I see any kind of abuse toward them. Well said.


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