To Be or Not To Be…Uncool


Mum is uncool…officially

Once uncool always uncool

I’ve gone through this twice before

Games are over

And the “oh mum’s” chorus releases its next hit

So there I sat in the shallows…uncool

As my son and his mates conjured plans for the day

Distancing themselves from my ever watchful eye

As close to the big waves as they dared to go… I’ve still got some clout

I figured what the heck…

I’ll damn well enjoyed myself

So I took on the waves

Let them carry me back to childhood

Laughing with the little girl who was doing the same

Yeah…so uncool

But cool was never a badge I wanted to wear

Not really…being a dag was so much more fun

So as the… “Gosh your mum is sooooooo embarrassing” lines are whispered

I’ll wear the uncool badge with pride…take on the waves

And pretend…

Mind you tell my achilles heel that this morning…there’s always a cost

Isn’t there…you know standing up to those waves


For dverse poets open link

I took my son to the beach yesterday and well I finally dawned on me… he’s growing up…don’t ya just hate that!!! 🙂


19 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be…Uncool

  1. I’m right there in line with you… cool until they hit their teen years… I have hope to regain my cool stature if I live to be a grandmother… that’s how my mom regained her status

  2. I am a constant embarrassment to my kids–but then again, that’s my intention! Very good work, a lot of us know just what you are saying here!

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