We met once

a casual hello on the beach

led to conversation

we talked about little things

just life

and a tear came to her eye

“sorry” she said, “it’s just …I miss him. Talking about little things…

funny what you miss.”

“Don’t be sorry.” I said

She smiled, “they want me to move…my children… and come live with them…

I don’t know anyone there, and well… he’s here and I love this island. I don’t want to go.”

I touched her hand and she cried

“I feel so helpless.”

“maybe you should tell them how you feel.” I offered…

“Oh…they won’t listen.”

And so we sat there holding hands… while the surf tossed its forever over the shore

“thank you for listening.” She said as we parted

“I do hope things work out, Muriel.”

And that was it…we went on with our lives


A few months later

I visited a friend, she was happy she had just sold her neighbour’s house.

“Poor Muriel, she went to live with her children after her husband died, she passed away a month ago.”

A breeze of recognition swept through the house and engulfed me… “Muriel…”

Emotion fell over me all at once… those forever waves

“you know she didn’t want to leave..”

“I didn’t realise you knew Muriel.”

“I didn’t, not really…we only met once.”



Written for dverse poets meeting the bar: to Friends

Writing poetry to honour the memory of Dave King a fellow dverse poet who sadly passed away earlier this month. So often in life we have fleeting moments where we connect with another person whether it be through the internet or just a chance meeting. Sometimes these meetings can leave an emotional connection that create memories that are very strong, just as strong as one that may have taken years to build. One memory for me was  meeting Muriel. I thought of this today when reading Brian’s lovely tribute to Dave over at dverse.


14 thoughts on “Muriel

  1. Indeed some connections, even though fleeting, can leave us with strong memories…and live with us long afterwards. Thank you for sharing the story of Muriel.

  2. There is so much in this. Even if we only meet someone once or have a special conversation or share poems over the Internet, they touch our lives.

  3. sometimes it is easier to tell a stranger than the ones we love…for fear we might hurt them….and then again it is interesting who we connect with…sad that in moving in with her children she did not last long…i wonder if she had not left all they had if she would…you never know…

  4. oh heck… that gave me shivers…what an encounter…meeting just once and then that deep connection already…so sad that she died so soon and that being with her children didn’t bring some healing..

  5. I stopped breathing on that last stanza. How shocking and sad that she passed away so soon after her husband. She probably died of heart break. I was touched by the connection she made with you and how she opened up. We never know how we touch people; even just in the little ways.

  6. It’s it remarkable how many times in life we meet someone in passing and yet the experience has a depth that we never forget. You have written with a sensitive touch about this sad lady, Diane. Gently done.

  7. Sadly beautiful–it must be frightening to lose so much, and finally to lose the freedom to make your own decisions. Hopefully your kindness and touch gave her some comfort.

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