Queensland Suers

Queensland Suers

Never thought of myself as a possible thief

A possible future fraudulent

funny I can’t lie even if I try

I’ve got one of those faces…not good for prospective crooks

Apparently the State Government thinks we’ve got this…ah…

criminal makeup

So off they go again legislating against the everyday man…

cos hey… we’re potentially gonna rip off the system

It’s in our DNA…doesn’t matter that statistics say otherwise

The wise ol politician…just knows we’re gonna do it

and business agrees

All us everyday workers (well not me I’m a SAHM=don’t count in any Government equation)

So it’s all you everyday workers…you’re just waiting aren’t you…c’mon, you know you are…

Waiting to slip on the slick spill of workers compensation that’s comin your way

All those long nights you stay up

Figuring out a plan on how you’re gonna fake an accident and sue your boss

Well plotted diagrams hidden under the bed

But hey…the games up… so tear up those setup your future by getting yourself disabled at work plans…

It ain’t gonna work

Pollies know all about it… especially you shifty over fifty year olds…

Of course if you do have a real accident at work hmmm…

Sorry…ya haven’t got a paddle

And if you happen to ride a motorbike…yikes you’re doubly…

Ah Queensland, beautiful one day…full of criminals the next



So the Queensland Government seems hell bent on sticking it to everyday Queenslanders in favour of the ruling classes…as they rush through yet another piece of legislation that will make it difficult for the worker to get a fair go, and will see employers become lax on safety issues. (the real money saver) … All going under the radar due to the bikie laws also rushed through… shifty business but then politicians should know shifty when they see it …love to see them pass a bill to stop political rorters attending weddings and iron man events!



3 thoughts on “Queensland Suers

  1. It sounds as if you have a valid complaint. Hard to see such legislation that makes it look like everyone is a bunch of cheats when I am sure such people are the minority.

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