The Girl Next Door

Picture 622

The girl next door lives in an invisible

purple castle

“it looks like a house,” she says… “but it’s not and…

mermaids swim on the walls.”


The girl next door growls, showing her jelly bean

vampire teeth

one fang yellow, the other purple

a happy vampire sucking sweet sugar from her favourite

blue jelly baby

“They taste the best,” she says. “you should try one.”


The girl next door has eyes that sparkle through clouds

where birds linger on rainbows

and as she tips her hat

in private eye fashion

she goes in search of dinosaurs hiding

In her bathroom


The girl next door limps lopsided into my yard

her white shirt splattered in red

she groans…

the clouds have turned grey but her eyes still sparkle

“I’m a zombie” she says

“I won’t really hurt you but were you scared?” She asks

and as I check my reflection in the window

I see the transformation is complete… a blue jelly baby stares back

“You bet!” I say

“Grrrrrrr”, she says and like any blue jelly baby on wibbly wobbly legs

I turn tail and run!


for dversepoets The Mind of a Child:Poetics

inspired by the most delightful little girl I had the good fortune to meet this morning. She kept me quite entertained with all her stories.


7 thoughts on “The Girl Next Door

  1. haha she sounds like she would be a treat…always coming up with some crazy new thing…we were always off on some new adventure growing up…we used to roam for miles….off to find treasure

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