do you tuck your dragon scaly feet

within your crinkled surface

of  aluminium foil squished

and painted with your very own snow


turquoise slivers

ripple over your pockmarked skin

cryovolcanism splintering the secrets of

a heart warmed with

a captured ocean


constantly pounding

exploding crystals into space

through your icy barrier


how beautiful you look

a pearly white stone speared upon your own E ring creation

the furthermost jewel of Saturn

orbiting through ages

hidden within the elements of your heart

Athena’s target no more



for dverse open link


14 thoughts on “Enceladus

  1. It was named by William Herschel who discovered it in 1789…he named it Enceladus the Greek mythological figure…one of the Gigantes …the giant children of Gaia (earth)…was reading about it in the physio waiting room last week..the pictures were just beautiful. Apparently Enceladus had dragon scales for feet!

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