It’s all about where you’re sown

the quality of the soil

and how deep the roots go


Geologists have found traces of gold in gum leaves

their thirst required further digging

deep down into a golden vein


for some the surface is preferable

despite the thirst for more

when digging reveals only calcified deposits


fool’s gold glitters on fragile shells

tossed over in waves upon gritty sand

those wise pearls forgotten like driftwood


sand doesn’t bind the way it should

it sifts through cracks with ease

and digging becomes a useless pursuit

when trying to make sense of the pain


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9 thoughts on “Excavating

  1. lotta truth in those last couple lines…digging while trying to make sense of the pain…and the opening lines too…i dont know if we really grasp how much where we are planted plays into our quality of life.

  2. We don’t have much choice in where we are sown, do we? It is all a matter of fate, I think. And as far as pain…..Pain is hard to make sense of, I think….most often we cannot find reason no matter how hard we try!

  3. We don’t have a choice about where we’re born, who our parents are, where we’re raised and schooled – but we do have a choice about how we treat otheres around us. Do we fill their lives with gold or grit?

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