Associate at Your Peril


For dverse poets Meeting the Bar: Wild Beasts

Seemed appropriate to write about the VLAD(Viscious Lawless Association Diestablishment Bill) Laws introduced in Queensland apparently to stop criminal behaviour of bikie gangs! Problem is, these laws have far reaching consequences for all if they should stay in place and not in a good way.

Got out a bit of angst me thinks!


19 thoughts on “Associate at Your Peril

  1. ha. i like your whiteboard, note poetry…and the symbols you use for substitutions…sometimes the cure is worse than what it is trying to correct and def they dont pay attention to how it affects non criminal activity….funny that it has the name VLAD…like a vampire…ha

  2. I don’t think Vlad is such a good name for a law – unless it is the good Vlad who brings cookies. Love this write – and to see your actual writing was a treat! Nicely done.

  3. This has a cool graffiti feel to it, very rebellious. Great work on the word structures, such as using “knot” for “not.” The feeling of being unwillingly tied up and twisted, held in bondage. Nicely done!

  4. oh nice.. i always love to see something handwritten – it adds an additional dimension…cool on the little drawings and symbols as well… very creative take

  5. New laws often stay as laws in the books! Meant to resolve towards betterment but often are not fully utilized for its purpose. It happens here too! Nicely PC!


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