An Uncertain Glow


Resurrection bubbles float about me

flaunting their white, pink, yellow light

dusting me in misty rain

falling in green I hear the new shoots of me growing

poking colour through cracks in a worn path

“it’ll always be the same,” he said… “no matter, who, what or where.”

I get it… it’s a matter of fact, an echo of past conversations… a different voice

same mantra… there could be some truth lying between the words of the blameless

and once more the spineless shadows swallow me whole

into the purple night bruised with accusations


I dreamt the full moon began to break

pieces of it dropping off and falling

somewhere past the horizon

a strange village watched until it no longer held its place in the night

puzzled we thought is this the end

where do the pieces of broken dreams go


is there some passage… a hole we must fall down

or do we push our way through musty coats to the back of the wardrobe

and there beyond we find those lost dreams and perhaps a glimmer

of a certain truth

also a moon trying to heal itself


and if the pieces do fit together

will they mend

in the same way


still the bubbles dance

fragile as ever

their promising glow

so alluring

though not to one who knows only too well

the pain

caused by a pin prick


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6 thoughts on “An Uncertain Glow

  1. nice…some really cool elements in this…the resurrection bubbles….the new shoots of you breaking through….the breaking of the moon into pieces…it does come with pain though…that is for sure….smiles.

  2. the broken dreams and what happens to them… love the idea of it…the nod to c.s. lewis as well… i think they will always mend together in new formations…which is good probably..

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