Bear Hugs

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Bear Hugs

Timara was used to strange happenings. So when she awoke to feel an icy wind on her face and the sound of a rushing river swirling over rocks where once her toy box stood, it didn’t surprise her. Neither was she scared of the bear that sat on the riverbank with its head hung low groaning.  She knew no different, these things had been happening to her ever since she could remember.

Timara had just turned four and although she had told stories of the animals that visited her and drew pictures of them her parents thought it only a sign of her vivid imagination and intelligence. They even encouraged her and pretended to see the animals in her bedroom and so Timara thought nothing of it and accepted it as a natural part of life.

Animals never frightened her, even the vicious dog next door. Her neighbour often remarked to her mother that Timara seemed to have a calming effect on her overwrought canine. Indeed, Timara was the only one besides immediate family members that could actually pat the dog.

“She has a gift that girl,” the old woman would say.

“Perhaps she’ll be a veterinarian when she’s older,” her mother said laughing.

Wiping her eyes Timara got up out of bed and slowly approached the bear. There was no need to speak; it was like she instinctively knew what the problem was, like their minds were connected. Gently she laid her hands on the bears head. Instantly the groaning stopped. The bear glanced at Timara with a look of gratitude, whatever pain he suffered was now gone. He turned and sauntered off back into the wilds.

As Timara watched him disappear into the woods the walls of her room closed over behind him and the river disappeared leaving her standing on top of her toy box. Timara jumped down from the toy box, got back into bed and snuggled down. It was too early to get up. She fell back into sleep still feeling the happiness of the bear. She imagined him in the woods with his family and she wondered who would be her next visitor.


For Kellie Elmore’s FWF prompt. It was too beautiful and inspiring not to write about.




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