Vincent’s Shoes


Three Pairs of Shoes by Vincent Van Gogh


To wear Vincent’s shoes

and walk those miles

hear the waving wheat

and the crows caws

as they fluttered away

from an approaching storm


to feel the icy nip of the mistral

that flowed through the land and his brush

to feel his intensity, his compulsion

to reveal the wonderment of the moment

brushed on to the canvas

to know the joy that must have been there with the full stop

of the last stroke


to sip the passion and fall into his dream

and simply know the aches of his days

that were worn on to more

than just the soles of his shoes


Written for dversepoets Poetics: A mile in these shoes


15 thoughts on “Vincent’s Shoes

  1. nice…how cool would it be to be able to try on his shoes and feel just a bit of what he felt…the good and the bad…rather enticing and haunting all at once…so cool you went with van gogh’s shoes as well…check KB’s out too…he did the same but very different…

  2. This is exceptional. Thinking your way into his being, a century and so much speculation later. Did you see the documemtary about his life and the suspicion that he may have been murdered? A wonderful film, brought about by his nephew and filled with stills of his paintings, overwhelming on the big screen.

  3. love it… for me it would be magical and frightening to walk in his shoes for a bit… sipping the passion and falling into his dream…. i found him a fascinating person…

  4. First of all, I commend you for a wonderfully creative idea for a poem. You took the reader inside of Van Gogh in a unique sort of way. I don’t think I would have liked walking in his shoes, despite his fame!

  5. What is it about him that just seeps into our souls. I wrote on another blog that I’ve also written a poem about his shoes years ago. Thought about posting it for this prompt but just doesn’t speak to me like yours does. I do hope to meet him in whatever is after this life.

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