My Friend Aussie

I understand Aussie better now

How he stood in the paddock

Frightened and unsure

Looking on but never daring to venture forward

His demons locked behind his sad brown eyes

I know him …as I guess I knew him then


He was a proud strong beast

Beaten down, starved and neglected

But when saved…the saving wasn’t enough

To repair his broken heart

He drew me to him with his distance

And day after day I would coax him with a treat

He’d shiver and shake the closer I came

Sometimes he would stretch his head out

But then he’d make a hasty retreat


Until one day he took a chance

And accepted the treat

He stretched out and I felt the soft muzzle on my hand

I stood so still though inside I wanted to jump for joy

And every day after that he took his treat

Soon he let me pat him and before long

He allowed me to put a halter on him

Every day was a new beginning


Soon he was brave enough to be saddled

I remember my dad holding him as I sat in the saddle

He was a perfect gentleman

But my riding instructor was the one to ride him

I wanted it to go so well

I wanted Aussie for my own

Unfortunately he bucked and was unstable

She said he was no good for me

That I’d kill myself on him


No matter how I pleaded the answer was no

To this day I believe Aussie would never have hurt me

Somehow we saw each other

We understood


I heard he went on to be a show jumper

I think of Aussie often

Times when I feel a tad broken

I take myself back into his brown eyes

And start to heal

An unbroken connection

Reminding me I can jump the hurdles in front of me

And that all I need do

Is be brave like Aussie and take a chance



12 thoughts on “My Friend Aussie

  1. smiles…what an inspiration eh? horses are such majestic animals…and there is a connection that happens between horse and rider…even those that never got to ride…and what he taught you….nicely writ di

  2. Oh, this is a beautiful poem. We definitely do establish connections with the animals in our lives; and we CAN learn from them. What nice tribute to Aussie this was.

  3. “He drew me to him with his distance”
    I know well that same magnetic pull, though not with animals, but people
    well done!

  4. It is a sad thing that some will refuse to understand and recognize the connection there can be between a human and a being who is not human. Maybe you can teach them for you know the lesson. For all the sadness of having lost Aussie, it is a greater lesson you learned . . . and now to be taught.

    I enjoyed your poem . . . in many ways.


  5. when you have your hand out with a treat and the horse puts their head down and cautiously approaches, unsure then decides to trust you… one of the great moments in life. Thanks for sharing this poem, I think some horses can be trusted too.

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