A Grey Day Lament


the day’s movement is soothing

the world’s deep breath

relaxing into you

a small comfort

as she held you strong in her arms

all she could do

as this world kept on going – nothing stops for sadness

or the pain that hurts so bad

leaving you stranded

on the bench staring out to yesterday…when maybe it was better

one arm around you is what you crave

on grey days

when the heart is shattered

and yet

somehow you keep breathing

in time with the world


6 thoughts on “A Grey Day Lament

  1. for all th breaking that we go through it is a wonder at times that we keep breathing…but we do…we keep on…and i guess on some level it reminds us that we are in this together….and not all that much different…

  2. sometimes we think time must stand still or the world break with the pain that is going on… still there’s comfort in that steady breath and movement and the knowing she will keep on spinning and the sun will shine again… wishing you a blessed christmas di…

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