Scary Monsters That Keep You Running Scared!





















A story for Kellie Elmores #FWF Free Write Friday quote prompt.

You know I figure I am a pretty smart woman, a strong one even and yet if someone had told me I’d become a victim of two, not just one scary monster I wouldn’t have believed em.

It’s like this; there I was just minding my own business, as you do. I was happy, filled with life and prospects…not great prospects but still they were mine. Despite this, I guess a part of me was susceptible but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would fall prey to not one but two alien zombies.

The first one was a Wotif. Now for those of you who don’t know a Wotif comes from the distant planet Emagdnims. These zombies delight in sucking the energy right out of you. These alien zombies seem to slip through dimensions easily and have the capacity to prey on the most vulnerable in society, so everyone should be aware. They don’t just eat your brains they mash em up with constant chanting of some mundane phrase, repeating it over and over until finally you go over the edge. They suck away all your emotional energy until you have nothing left to give and constantly find ways to undermine you.  Removing this zombie takes one almighty shove out the door but be prepared for the sad eyes. You can use the usual zombie elimination methods but I do urge caution if you’re a little squeamish.

Of course it’s best not to be fooled and feel sorry for them in the first place. Usually a Wotif will present with the following…

  • A sorrowful face
  • A downturned mouth
  • Sad eyes
  • They invite you to take pity; beware and do not fall for their supposed weak and innocent pout. They are deceivers of the worst kind and they will devour you and your defence’s first chance they get.


Now Shoulav’s are a particularly nasty alien zombie. They originate from the planet Thapoicos a far off planet that spins in a darkened galaxy. It has an enchanting glow that has lured many a space adventurer into its darkness. Still occasionally these Shouldav’s slip through the Earth’s atmosphere then spread their destructive ways all over the planet. Boy, these creatures really know how to devour not only your sanity but your heart and brain as well. Indeed an encounter with these alien zombies will leave you a lifeless wreck. You may even turn into one of them yourself but thankfully such transformations are reversible with time and treatment once the Shouldav has been removed permanently.

Shouldav’s are particularly hard to detect as they can cunningly disguise themselves like the rest of the human population. They are brilliant at mimicry and have infiltrated many of the higher offices in the world. So we are all potential victims of these most vicious alien zombies. Never forget that they are not like us even though they may look and act like us.  Here are just some of their not so nice traits…

  • They are predatory in nature
  • Thrive on competition and confrontation. Some have been known to infiltrate professional sporting teams.
  • Their main aim is destruction of whatever or whomever is in their way
  • They will fool you with lies and flattery. They will wait until you are hooked and then devour you bit by bit until there is nothing of YOU left.
  • They will give the appearance of a most charming character but this is all just a façade.

Of the two alien zombie species listed this is the most nasty but be aware that both species have the potential to do you great harm.

Unfortunately there is at present an epidemic of Wotifs and Shouldavs out in the community. I’m sure if you think you will recall having seen some around. So my advice to you is to stay safe, nurture your self esteem and be ever vigilant for the signs that say something ain’t quite right. Trust your gut and those Wotifs and Shouldavs will not eat away your brain.


3 thoughts on “Scary Monsters That Keep You Running Scared!

  1. trust your gut…that was what i needed to hear… i know them well…both of them…ugh… and they are not to underestimate… this was cleverly written and yep…just what i needed to you…

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