Tunnels are dug one scoop at a time

deeper and deeper

suffocating darkness

Suff O Cating… slowing down, exhausted

invisible to yourself

fear suffocating all that you thought

you once were… did I

was I… am I

still here…floating somewhere

in this pit


a pinpoint light

glistening like a gem

the reward at the end

power growing with each small step

I begin to breathe

within this suffocating stillness


“you will be stronger than you know… than you know…than you know”

his kind voice echoes… her voice tells me… “you know what to do…you know…you know”

and I do know…as I inch ever closer

trembling particles of fear

caving in behind me


it is the strike out

the clawing

of granules

the taking back of pieces

that will get me out of the hole

and make me whole


it is I… just I

who will emerge


than I know


for dversepoets http://dversepoets.com/2014/02/01/poetics-repeat-performance-first-time-through/



9 thoughts on “Tunnelling

  1. the taking back of pieces that make me whole…
    sometimes we just need reminding that we know what we need to do to get out of it…glad they did though as i was def starting to feel the suffocating…nice effect with the suffOcating

  2. Whoa! A very vivid post here–strong images that reflect the feelings of–well, struggle. Lucky you have these voices going. I especially like the granules there of the caving in–familiar feelings for sure. Thanks. k.

  3. sometimes we need someone who encourages us to do what we know already and to believe in our own strength as well… taking back the pieces and be able to breathe again…

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