Just Me…he he

Tinkling of glasses

Cheers to a new future

Free of pain

We laugh…how strange such laughter

My own, theirs and no sorrow

Funny I think of you but I don’t

Does that make sense

You’re a far away memory now and guess what…

I love laughing with friends I care about and who care about me

A sigh of grief that leaving them will be harder

Yet they know me well

They know my reasons

They know my hell

And I know they’re always there

No matter the miles between us

I am going in blind to a new waterfront

Familiar but not so

Within my weakened shell still beats a brave heart

At least I think it does

Or is it fear knock knocking

Crikey I’ve lived this nightmare

Blundered through as best I can

Changing, transforming extending my reach

Through the plans tossed over tidal pools

Falling in holes well carved in the rock

You keep trying your best to make me falter


I’m the hermit crab leaving a trail

Moving from one side of the pool to the other

In small increments I try to save my soul

Safety nets do not exist

Sooner or later you’re just one on your own

I’d hide from it if I could, pull my head into my shell

Get lost in the darkness you created

But  I’d accomplish nothing

Responsibilities dictate directions and purpose

Something you care little for…

So go ahead throw your waves and stormy seas

Toss me about some more

Then draw away  leaving your stain upon my shore

But I’ll crawl forward

And I’ll feel the air whisper

Ever so gently

My new name





5 thoughts on “Just Me…he he

  1. beautiful…love the new name you recieve in the end…and the hermit crab making its way trying to save its soul in little increments….def worth spending our lives with those that love us back…

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