Blue Mermaids

32625_416609081787030_1132518906_npainting by Sunita Khedekar



She kissed the moon

in shades of blue

her triangle eyes cried music

notes left beauty spots upon her lips

tears she gathered like stars

resting down beneath curling waves

swathed in moonlight

her troubles fell on sea anemones

surface ripple dreams

had broken free

and she had kissed the moon



So late for dverse poetics prompt colour me spring    but dropped by this evening and this painting by Sunita Khedekar  just spoke to me. Such delightful paintings that bring a smile. Hope it’s okay to be a little late and still use the pic!


7 thoughts on “Blue Mermaids

  1. I enjoyed this poem…feels a bit sad, but still hopeful in the end I like how the poem went full circle from the first line to the last. Repetition works! Love ‘troubles fell on sea anemones.’

  2. Lovely–that feeling when troubles fall away, it does feel like kissing the moon.

    I didn’t see your link at dVerse, but thought I’d drop in to thank you for your comment at my blog–and here I got an unexpected treat of a poem anyway! Thank you!

  3. i imagine kissing the moon might move me thus as well…like the tears being music and them leaving beauty marks on her face…..this has a cool magic to it…..good to see you di…

    • Thanks Brian have been so busy lately… my life being all over the place right now that I don’t have time to join in as much as I’d like. Hopefully soon all will settle down.:)

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