Hervey Bay Swinging (it’s not what you think ;) ) but then again…who knows??


She tipped her sailors cap with a ruby lipped smile
Eyes sparkling, she tap danced in her stiletto boots
She wiggle wiggled her hips in tight black jeans
while her IPod clung on for dear life…and she sang

High, clear… “Oh no,” my son said… “it’s Mylie Cyrus”
“Mylie who…”
“What she’s singing…
she’s gotta be high.”
“Who Mylie?”
“No her… Mum she’s gone.”

There she was a trip trippin along the pier
Pandanus fronds clapping her along
Turquoise waters smooth and calm
Before the backdrop to a storm
slowly approaching and encroaching

Oh she was high as she spun on those boards
Clip clop sauntering, her hands a swaying
Maybe it was her happy, happy, day
And before long she waaaaaaaaas swinging

Swooping on the end of chains
Her stiletto heels spearing through humid air
she was a singing and a swinging
and kids were a laughing and a playing

While the sun fluttered her eyes between clouds
she was flying along with her inner child
alive and free to be…to be… to be
She was the postcard I left with and the invitation
to go back to a little bit of…well…Hervey Bay Swinging!!




All I can say is this lady added a  little touch of nice crazy to our day when we left Hervey Bay… She was a happy vegemite at the time and I do hope she still is… I thought of this for dverse poets Meeting the Bar: Rhythm and Blank Verse and I needed a little bit of happy tonight…my life in circles and now my gorgeous little moggie Panda…whom I named this blog after has gone missing. I do hope we find her soon. OOPS!! Just realised I missed the deadline again…oh well 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hervey Bay Swinging (it’s not what you think ;) ) but then again…who knows??

  1. the postcard and the invitation…its easy to see when one breaks free of life and just is…they have an ‘is-ness’ about them…and def inspire us as well to find again that child we have tucked away….

  2. A fascinating portrait. Yes, sometimes we just have to watch and enjoy someone’s happy day for what it is. Hope you find your little Panda. I do know the worry…..let us know!

  3. People “high” in public always make me a bit nervous but hopefully she’s just happy and harmless 🙂 Sorry to hear Panda is missing…hope she comes home soon!

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