It took me by surprise

the baby mangroves reaching into the shallows

picking up the steps of dancing sunbeams

as the sea withdrew its blanket

to the far horizon

forever thrived on those shores

where new dreams could begin

the light covered me

together with the baby mangroves I reached for the dance

a seed was planted

it grew into a new beginning

to those forever shores I’ll return

form new friendships in the twists and turns

on a distant deserted coast

darkness lifted

and I saw the glorious light

at the end








4 thoughts on “Dazzled

  1. You know Polly, I wish I did but it was one of those moments you just commit to memory. It was that sudden lift the has made me make my final decision to return there and start again…I will not be coming back. I figure third time lucky and now I’m aiming straight for that light! Promise you I’ll take a photo when I get there and I’ll post in on the blog 🙂

  2. sounds like a beautiful and empowering moment…between the light and the mangroves…and the deisre it instilled in you to start fresh….enjoy your dance in the light….

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