Knowing Whodunnit


Mystery weaves through dark sepia tones

a photograph left upon the mantle

a memory now dust


she never smiled

her darkness pervaded even through the colour

of streamers

she framed her dark sepia heart

entrusted it to the shadows

of a fraudulent love


she never smiled

nor did I not really

his shadows were a fog

but somehow my heart made it through

lifted by the blue expanse before me

wafting clouds…or watching yellow dance upon blue

a breath of sanity in the chaotic purple hue

of madness


and she never smiled once

in all those photographs

she seemed so hard

but now I know her dark sepia heart

conformed to his shadow

too young she died

swallowed by his black mood

It’s only now I mourn her… I never knew

but knowing…what she knew

a smile is hard to wear

in a dark sepia world



Sorry not the most enjoyable way to view colour through this subject but one that’s all too prevalent in society. And silence accomplishes nothing so I hope you won’t mind.

For Writers Fourth Wednesday Colour my moods…writing with colour


8 thoughts on “Knowing Whodunnit

  1. How could any of us mind, Di. This is what fine poetry is about.

    You have produced such a profoundly moving and meaningful statement. Your use of repetition and of almost an absence of color to open and close and then bright color to highlight what pulled you through makes the difference between emotional annihilation and emotional survival starkly clear. The closing “a smile is hard to wear in a dark sepia world” is as rending as it is memorable.

    In the end, what we see here as a through-line is compassion … and you are right. Silence accomplishes nothing.

    Thank you for such a stellar poem and for participating in this event. Bravo!

    • Thank you Jamie for such a wonderful comment and your encouragement it’s very much appreciated. I’ll be hoping to participate more in the near future as soon as I resettle my life a little more. 🙂

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