When You Wish Upon a Star

snuggled in the crook of a ghost gums elbow

a star sat sparkling

“make a wish” it said to me

the night winked

while a wise owl swooped down

beneath the lamp light

momentary spells quietly cradled

in my heart

all would be well


sunlight stuttered through the trees

on a cool autumn morning

and the snuggled star had faded into the blue

now lorikeets dangled their colours from the ghost gum

cackling a greeting on the day


as we walked along the beach

my son searched for crabs beneath the rocks

always too fast they scuttled away to safety

as creatures in fear have a want to do

a sea eagle fluttered in the shallows

not far away

indifferent to us watching him bathe

he hopped upon the rocks spread his wings out to dry


I felt like the coral and shells decorating the sands

another cast off on to these shores

a resting place

like the crab we scuttled to safety

to snuggle in the crook of its arm

“All will be well”

said the star again tonight

and suddenly I believed

once more

in dreams


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