Changes In the Wind

the world breathes hollowly in windy gales

palm fronds blown backwards to an empty past

night falls and keeps away those misty wails

you are the epitome of the last

blast of rain that blows in across the bay

dripping  tears of regret on all you lost

on love that pooled in moans of disarray

only you will wear the final cold cost

hurt and pain is the badge pinned to your heart

swiping the sting of harsh raindrops on pane

dripping empathy copied from the start

a cruel weather vane shifting in the wind

sweeping in a change my heart I rescind



An attempt at a rhyming sonnet for


15 thoughts on “Changes In the Wind

  1. How well it works with the weather as a metaphor for inner turmoils… Or maybe the weather is the cause… Anyway.. Some really nice lines here (and I have missed your poetry a lot – hope that all is well)

    • Thank you Bjorn and I have missed participating with dverse but things are on the improve and soon will be settled in a new exciting place. I hope to be writing a little more poetry and maybe not so bleak ! 🙂

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