A Go Hard Mangrove


He squats in the shallows

with a flat top style

shaved too close to the rock

enough knocks to know

there’s no givin in…he’s

a punk rocker mangrove

cast out on his own

ducking the forces that be

who would bend him to their will

nah, he squats letting his roots spread

in between the cracks of the black rock

signatured like croc skin

holdin on

neither water nor wind can throw off his style

for doin it his own way.


For Dverse poetics trees; http://dversepoets.com/2014/05/06/tree-poetry


13 thoughts on “A Go Hard Mangrove

  1. ha. way to rock it your way….when people step out and are willing to do that…it can def make others uncomfortable and cast them off….love the internal rhyme, like a bit of rap

    • Thank you she is a lovely kitty..went missing a month ago and we’ve not found her so I believe she is now someone else’s adorable kitty… 🙂 Miss her so very much!

  2. I love your image of squatting in the shallows – interesting that you associate that with a punk rocker, while for me it conveyed the image of older women working in the rice paddies… But certainly a tree that does it his own way – cool imagery!

    • Would love to have uploaded a pic of him but as inbetween homes at present I couldn’t I suspect I shall write about him again sometime in the future though…he is a cool mangrove…or maybe it’s a she hmmm…not really sure but any way it’s certainly cool! 🙂

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