Now I am a Sailor


I breathe in the pink pastel hues of winter’s sunset

watch grey gums lazily sway in the breeze

promises of rain taint drifting clouds

I see myself as the sailor on the little boat returning to shore

stepping on to my place


any place


where sunbeams penetrate my closed eyelids

with diamonds from the universe

glittering their prize

like one I have never seen

with open eyes


finding treasure


I no longer fear the unknown

it waits for me

a maze of diamond patterns

within the silence of darkness there is rest

from my vulnerabilities…Yes I have them

but they are invisible words I thrust into the air

and let fly away


with no map


I once let someone else hold my emotions tight in their hands

cowering in the gloom of a closed fist

the truth of myself unravelling

I was lost

until I pushed a foot forward

and sailed

drifting about on tumultuous waves


I stargazed


navigating turmoil I finally stepped ashore

collecting coral emotions scattered on sand

designing a new form to wear from the pieces

of me that I find

diamond patterns forged by the sea


wishing for safety


and the promise of rain begins

as the almost full moon is hidden

I bathe in the freshness of its light

captured in spits on the wind

diamond treasures

falling about me

tears of joy

for a sailor



One thought on “Now I am a Sailor

  1. the promise of rain…love that last stanza…also being the sailor that fought their way to show….the coral memories….some nice touches and refs along hte way that build on that metaphor…and to no longer fear the unknown…that is a free feeling…it will be what it is….

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