Ah Postcard






Banksia trees thrust their shadowed paws

against a cold blue winter sky

crooked crones dusted black in the scrub

desiccated warriors

on a war front frozen in mid action

and beyond them

lazy waves

roll in

smothering mangrove feet

as they squat like green leafed children

on the dusky pink shore

sea eagles chat while perched

on driftwood

overlooking curious gulls

a rubber band landscape elongates

there is only this place

so far away but near

seemingly desolate

but populations mingle in clusters

along the shores

the sand edges disappear into blue waters

the bush meets sea

three gentle clouds

tiny puffs


just above the edge of the world

and a pelican spoiled for choice

flies over once more

his rippled shadow

dancing on water




12 thoughts on “Ah Postcard

  1. Pretty pics for a pretty poem – love the imagery, esp the pelican and the trees ‘paws’.

    I have some nic-nacs made from banksia nuts – extraordinary things 🙂

    • Oh I could never leave the water it gives me strength I think…So glad I could move from one beautiful place to another talk about spoiled for choice here in Oz. 🙂

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