My Name Is…



Your pernicious warmth radiates

only it casts a cold shadow

a dark mirage…your other persona lurking

the wanton passenger behind your charmed reflection

with an icy, glass plate stare

viltiligo spreading

a vampire birthing an allegory

of a Messiah whose prayer for entitlement

was almost granted


Rumplestiltskin who danced sadistically by the door

in epochal triumph

until the dawn of rebirth

stilled his dance

ended his prayers

the golden claim leaving him sinking

in his own luminous quicksand

until he could dance no more


For Dverse Poetics: In Haphazard Fashion


10 thoughts on “My Name Is…

  1. hahah…surreal…wicked flow in this…the vamprie birthing and allegory of is mu fav part…i sped up reading at that point…and grab the gold and it will def weight you down….smiles

  2. Oh, I like the progression of this. Your poem captured my attention immediately when you talked about the warmth radiating and then casting a cold shadow. And it seems the shadow gets even colder as the poem goes on!

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