New Days and Those that Burn A Little Too Close to the Sun


I’ve never felt a sunset. The burn of it on my flesh I’ve seen its fiery glory, the sky raging behind silhouette trees, blackened as if burned. I’ve never heard it descend to bring day to the other side. It’s just a glorious picture of ending with beauty and dignity. If all endings could be as glorious like the brisk flash of an artist’s brush gliding to the last dab and finish. I could sigh and say yes, this is acceptable. How it should be and I’d smile refreshed and race to dawn’s side. I’d watch the trees come to life, watch the sky turn blue, the water sparkle and wade in unafraid. Only dawn brings with it fragments of the sunset before. They join and mingle old bits flashing constantly with the new. Unsettling flames licking at the heart, scorching tears on the new face of another day.


pens scratching paper

signatures on dotted lines

full stop burns the end



For Dversepoets Meeting the Bar: Haibun


12 thoughts on “New Days and Those that Burn A Little Too Close to the Sun

  1. if all endings could be like that…
    some are not as pretty as the artist eye captures, that is for sure….
    the final line of your haiku makes that point nicely…
    there are always new beginnings though that come after
    the end.

  2. some endings are far from the beauty of a sunset – there can be beauty in a well placed full stop as well though me thinks… and a new beginning from there..

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